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Get results with video

Authentic films that capture your story, connect with your audience, and achieve goals for your business.

What we do

Analysis & Strategy

First we'll take part in strategy sessions where we take a deep-dive into your business to learn more about your processes, customer journey, and and areas you want to improve. Then we agree a precise aim and goal for the project and what we need to produce.

Video Production

Once we agree on a strategy we handle all pre-production tasks getting us ready for filming. This includes script writing, storyboards, shot plans, creative concepts - it's all part of what we do to make the shoot run smoothly.


When, (and only when!), you totally love what we've made together, we work alongside you to help you get the most out of your new video asset. Implementing in websites, mailing lists, email signatures, youtube, social media channels - and gathering analytics to make sure you get the best results possible.

What we do for you

We create videos to solve specific problems for you and your business, based on what goals you'd like to achieve. Some goals we've helped clients with in the past:

  • Improving engagement

  • Increasing brand awareness 

  • Boosting social media presence

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Reconnecting with past customers

  • Showing off new products

  • Raising funds

  • Communicating with employees

  •  Attracting amazing talent

Sounds good? Let's keep moving!

Who you'll work with

Summit Studios was founded by ex British Army Officer Sam Davies. After finishing his military career in 2020 with a role in Communications and Media, Sam pursued his passion for filmmaking and photography, working freelance with outdoor and tourism brands in Norway and the UK.


During a stint at a digital marketing agency he saw first hand the power of well-crafted videos used in the right place. On return to the UK he set up Summit Studios - focused on delivering high quality video productions that make a difference.

Summit Studios uses a network of highly-skilled creatives, operators and editors to meet the needs of our individual clients and provide the best possible service.

CLIENTs & Past Work
What we do
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Previous Projects

We pride ourselves on strong values, and we want to work with people that share and exemplify them.


We promise we will:​

  • Minimise our impact on the planet

  • Be there for you. Business isn't easy. We're always at the end of the phone or WhatsApp for advice, help or just an ear.

  • Help those in need - pro-bono projects let us use our skills to help those who deserve it but can't afford it

  • Be honest, transparent and trustworthy - integrity is not negotiable

  • Employ and mentor local talent

Our Values

Keen to take the next step with video? 

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